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Colocation and Dedicated Web Hosting

posted on Mar 16, 2013

When people think about the server for their website, they might think of upgrading their present web hosting services to a plan which could provide them with a dedicated server, or colocate the server. Some might even think of buying their own personal servers and plan the servers at home or office. In fact, there are several things that people should consider when they are trying to think of the servers for their business. Of course, one of the most important points to note is definitely the financial ability of oneself about the server. Handling a server on one’s own would mean a lot of financial matters and it would sometime make the business fail to operate well because of a lack of cash. Nevertheless, if people know how to choose the best way to find suitable plans for the server, they would indeed enjoy benefits.

First of all, dedicated server web hosting is actually similar to shared web hosting. People could pay a monthly fee and they would be able to use a whole server. They could use the full disk space and they could use a lot of bandwidth. They would also enjoy a fast processor speed. However, this plan means that the server is still in the web host’s data center. As a result, people could save a lot of money to provide security measures for the business and they do not need to waste money to maintain the stability of the servers by some regular checks because the web hosts would help them to keep the servers well. This means that a lot of money could be saved and this is definitely something great to people who want to enjoy privacy in using the server but cannot afford to pay a lot for the server.

On the other hand, colocation web hosting would enable service buyers to purchase the server hosting and the server would become the asset of the owner. They would need to pay some money for the web hosts to help them maintain the server and provide some necessary protections. However, this kind of web hosting service would require the service buyer to find someone in their own business to administer the server because the web hosting companies would not help with than for a colocation web hosting. Therefore, it would mean that the business owner might need to learn about website server management by themselves or spend money to employ someone to deal with that.

Therefore, to conclude, people should think twice before they try to buy for services about web hosting If they are running small businesses and they do not actually have some experts in the business to deal with server management, dedicated server services would be a better choice because they could enjoy some of the software provided by the web host and they do not need to worry about the management of the data in the server because the web hosts would have experts to work on that. But for larger business, colocation web hosting might be more suitable.

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